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trigonsraven's Journal

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This is my icon journal. This will be the journal where I store all my icon creations. There will likely be a lot of Teen Titan related icons, but I do enjoy making other icons ocassionally, so you'll probably see the various other icons or requests. I'm always happy to take a request for an icon, but please be patient, I do have day to day things I need to do before I can sit down and concentrate on the fun things.

My personal journal is rose_indigo, but is a locked journal, my RP journal is azarathsraven which is as it states, strictly for RP purposes.

If using any of my icons PLEASE credit this user name trigonsraven.

I will be sure to credit all the people who's brushes or whatever I may use. If I forget please kindly remind me and I'll be sure to credit you.

Thank you and enjoy my creations.